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1989 Batwing Replica Desk Statue
Batwing Metal Replica Take to the Sky Batman’s custom combat aircraft, created by designer Anton Furst for the 1989 blockbuster film, is reproduced in incredible detail in this pewter-finish, zinc-alloy solid metal replica. Using reference from the Warner Bros. archives,...
50.000 JD 30.000 JD
DC Comics Mr. Feeze Q-Fig Figure
Mr. Freeze Q-Fig Chilling With Mr. Freeze Ask Victor Fries who his first love is, and he'll tell you it's his terminally ill wife Nora, whom he's placed in suspended animation as he searches for a way to save her....
20.000 JD 4.000 JD
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DC Comics Green Arrow Q-Fig Figure
Green Arrow Q-Fig Packing a Punch When he's not being a billionaire philanthropist turned progressive politician, Oliver Queen is the ultimate vigilante superhero. As the Green Arrow, he's out beating up the bad guys in Star City and shooting a...
20.000 JD 4.000 JD
Captain America: Civil War Q-Fig Diorama
Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Diorama America's One-Man Army Enhanced by super-soldier serum, Captain America is the pinnacle of human perfection. With his superior intelligence, strength, agility, speed, endurance and reaction time, he's just about unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat. Good...
27.000 JD 4.000 JD
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